Of the five original Quincunx operatives, the most friendly, caring and some would say the most superficial is the operative known as Air.

Like all of the original operatives, little is known about Air except for her obvious personality traits, and the long blonde with tips that blend into a darker shade. One of the few things known about Air is that she is one of the few operatives with a family legacy of interaction with the paranormal. With an accent that clearly marks her as Nordic, a number of fans have claimed that Air has a lineage stretching back to the legends of valkyries, naturally Quincunx will neither confirm nor deny anything with regard to these rumours. Air is also one of the few Operatives for whom the public knows a cover identity, in a variety of episodes (when not wearing the Quincunx costume) she is seen in the uniform of a well known courier company. Air has been seen in the presence of a wide variety of people and she seems to get along well with almost everyone she meets, some of the people she more commonly associates with are artists, poets and philosophers.

Public Data

Age: Unknown, presumed in her mid 30's.
Height: 175 to 180cm
Weight: 80-90 kgs (athletic build)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Ash Blonde
Distinguishing Features:

Fan Favourite Episodes

Season 1 Episode 4: Air versus the
Season 1 Episode 7: Air versus the
Season 2 Episode 2: Air versus the
Season 3 Episode 9: Air versus the
Season 5 Episode 6: Air versus the

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