Allied Agents


Allied Agencies


Mr. Green
Little is known about the history of Mr. Green. All files relating to his life prior to 2000 have vanished, or perhaps they never existed. In 2000, the Quincunx Corporation became aware of him, and he has become involved in the companies cases on a number of occasions. It is suspected that Mr. Green has appeared as a result of military experimentation into parallel universes and dimensional sciences. Naturally, there is no-one in the military who will confirm this rumour. If any such studies were undertaken by the military, they have now been disbanded due to later budget cuts of the same type that forced the privatisation of the Quincunx Corporation.

Doctor DNA
With a pair of PhDs covering the fields of Theoretical Sciences and Biology, Dr Douglas Neville Anderson has proven to be a valuable contact on many occasions for the Quincunx Corporation. He has been offered a role within the company on numerous occasions but so far has refused any offer put forward under the grounds that his studies would be hampered if he were to dedicate his life to a single field. Some within Quincunx believe that he may possess paranormal blood (perhaps even to the supernatural level), his intelligence and intuition have been instrumental in catching almost two dozen rogues and orphans over the past few years.

International Intelligence Agencies

Hailing from somewhere in Eastern Europe, the Quincunx Corporation has yet to identify the home agency of the operative known as Janus. Active in the countries once bordering Soviet Europe, he has been most prominent in Lithuania and Estonia. He has not shown any form of blatant supernatural powers during his interactions with Quincunx, but has invariably shown an aptitude for assault weaponry that matches the most seasoned veterans of any military agency, and a knack for machine repairs implying many years working with a range of technologies. Some claim that Janus is not affiliated with any agency but is in fact a mercenary.

Private Security

Court Sponsored Affiliates

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