The Archives of the Quincunx Corporation have been compiled for a period of over a century, they cover thousands of artifacts, tens of thousands of texts, and hundreds of thousands of images. The majority of the archives are secretly located in a number of secure locations in Sydney, Australia and at key facilities on other continents. Despite the size of these archives, they are one of smaller repositories of supernatural data, especially in comparison to the Vatican Secret Archives, the secured section of the United States Library of Congress and the sealed halls of the Forbidden City. Unlike many of these other collections, the Quincunx Corporation claims that theirs is the largest gathering of supernatural and paranormal data not under the direct control of a religious, mystical or paranormal body.

This section of the public archives reveals some of the information gathered regarding the paranormal influence of the outsiders throughout history, including their current activities and typical methods of influence.

Quincunx History

Commonly referred to by fans as the Shadow History, the events leading up to the formation of the Quincunx Corporation reflect many of the significant points of social change in Australia. There is a lot of debate as to how much of this history is real, and how much is a part of the propaganda machine that surrounds the Quincunx television series.

Established History of the Courts

For centuries, conspiracy theorists have raised the notion that there are secretive groups at work behind the scenes of civilization. Apparently these groups have pushed forward their own agendas and have shaped the cultures and technologies of the world as they have fought for dominance over the ignorant masses.

According to the outsiders, the conspiracy theorists are right. The history of the courts stretches back to the first diaspora of humanity from the Great Rift Valley in Africa, claiming links to virtually all parts of human history (whether their influence was deliberate as instigators or victims, or coincidental as onlookers).

Rogues Gallery

There are always outsiders who choose to act against the wishes of the Courts, and there are often members of the courts who cause so many problems for the outsider community that they make an indelible mark on history. Some of these outsiders are included in the Quincunx Corporation's Rogues Galley.

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