For centuries, Astrology has been considered a pseudo-science. Most people of a scientific mind do not believe in the powers of the stars, or the ways that celestial bodies could affect the lives of intelligent beings here on earth. But then again, most rational and scientific minds do not believe in the existence of vampires, werewolves, ghost or other creatures relegated to tales of folklore.

The Quincunx Corporation has not been able to dismiss the ways of astrology; many of the creatures it is charged with apprehending draw their power from the beliefs of mortals, if these creatures are able to instill a certain range of beliefs in the people around them, then they come to embody those beliefs. Astrology has been one of the methods used by many courts to dominate the minds of humanity; and despite centuries of science trying to overturn such beliefs, the ideals of astrology remain firmly planted in the minds of billions across the globe.

Hindu Astrology

According to many supernatural claims, the Court of Sapphire were the firs to institute a series of regulated beliefs about the stars and planets. While many courts ascribed names to the stars, or defined them as legendary heroes, the masters of the Sapphire court studied the patterns of the stars, in the hope that this knowledge would give them a closer understanding of the illusion in which they lived.

Chinese Astrology

Advancing beyond the patterns of the Indian court to their south, the Court of Jade turned the art of Astrology into a calculated cycle of patterns, linking into the hours, days, months and years.

Astrological Animals

Astrological Elements

Greek Astrology

Star Signs

Mayan Astrology

Other Astrological Forms

Times of Astrological Significance



Full Moons

Blue Moons

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