A cosmology is a view of the entire world, both the parts we can see and the parts we cannot; and the understanding of humanities place within this grand scheme. Traditionally cosmology has been closely linked to the realms of philosophy and religion.

For most of humanity, the study of cosmology can be considered a luxury; it isn't a pursuit that deals directly with the mundane activities of life. For the Quincunx Corporation things are slightly different, cosmology is highly important to their struggle against the unknown. It helps to define a supernatural being within a larger order and therefore helps an operative come to an understand of inhuman forms of morality.

While many see cosmology as a niche area for study, the Quincunx Corporation has found the need to define the multi-planar paranormal universe to such an extent that they have several dedicated researchers and archivists constantly deciphering ancient texts to more fully comprehend their field. The corporation has even defined the wider field of Cosmology into a number of smaller areas of study; cosmography (the correlation of locations in a multi-planar universe), cosmometry (fundamental differences in scale between cosmological locations, such as time differentials and wormhole navigation), biocosmology (an understanding of the creatures and entities not accounted for in natural biology or natural xenobiology) and finally xenocosmology (a study of completely foreign realms of existence, and resolving methods to incorporate such into the existing cosmological structure).

The Cosmos according to Quincunx

Physical Cosmology

Metaphysical Cosmology

Religious Cosmology

Esoteric Cosmology

Cosmography 101

Cosmometry 101

Biocosmology 101

Xenocosmology 101

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