Court of Gold


As a Court with a reputation for bloodthirsty gods and elaborate ritual, it’s hardly surprising that the Court of Gold has taken on a more secretive aspect as other Courts have come more closely into contact with them. The members of the Court of Gold are not defined by good or evil, they are defined by cycles and their place within these cycles. Some gain prominence during specific seasons, while others have patterns far more rich and complex. The members of the Court of Gold range in power from local spirits and priests through to great dragons and gods who rule various parts of the eternal cosmic cycle. From a foreigner’s point of view, the strangest members of this court are venerated as Catholic saints, but this makes perfect sense to the local citizens.



The most ancient of the members of this court have deviated so far from humanity that they could easily be mistaken for monstrous alien beings, often bearing multitudes of limbs, plasmic forms, odd skin colours and textures and even stranger manifestations of power. These beings have no qualms sharing their true forms with the citizens around them. The less powerful beings often appear far more human, often dressing in ceremonial garb to native or Catholic religion. The blood over these less powerful members is often a mix of Native American and Hispanic, although those who share the purest strains of native blood are often accorded the highest status within the court.


Long before the conquistadors brought civilisation to the continent of South America, there was an established empire with strong ties to the spirit world as well as a growing base of technology and military power. All of this was cut short though when the citizens of Europe discovered the riches of this exotic new world, bringing military might and slaves to the lands of the Americas. Despite this invasion, the Court of Gold has withstood the attack far more effectively than their counterparts to the north and many of the invading citizens and Outsiders have been turned to the cause of the Court of Gold over the centuries. Through manipulation of the drug trade, the court has started to expand its strength worldwide in recent decades and has started to become feared by many of the other groups of Outsiders.

Court Culture

An eternal cycle of infinite complexity defines the life of members in the Court of Gold, the exact nature of these cycles is unknown to all but the most powerful of beings within the court, and even they are said to argue when to come to the finer details. The vast majority of members take a fairly pragmatic view when it comes to these cycles, and that is to ignore them and simply live life to the full where possible, while gaining as many followers as possible. There are thousands of deities in the beliefs of the citizens who live under the Court of gold and most of these reflect the demigods and supernaturals who simply claim god-like powers in the face of relatively naïve citizens. Much of the old philosophy from the Court of Gold has been destroyed by invaders or simply lost over time, and a fusion of Catholic, African and Native beliefs have started to take hold among the citizens. Some claim that this is a loss of the Court of Gold’s true culture, others simply claim that this is a sign of the cycles of the universe at work once again.

Court Operations

The Outsiders of the Peyote expanded their territories into the Southern Americas as their citizens also expanded their lands. Like their neighbours to the north, there are many rumours about why the Outsiders of this region would have founded a court, but some feasible claims such as connection with traders from the Jade and Sand Courts keep arising. Less mundane claims involving lands such as Atlantis and Mu also arise, but these are much harder to verify. The Empires of the Court of Gold were some of the most advanced on the planet at their time, and the factions with strongest influence in the court still claim descent from these great empires. While Europeans have invaded their lands, the factions of Incas, Mayan and Tribal Amazonian tribes have united against the common threat. But over time, the citizens of the European groups have gradually been assimilated into the cultures by subtle transformation of their religion and language. As these groups start to look for national identities again, the old rivalries start to simmer. The cycles continue to turn.

Common Court Powers

Common Court Havens

In times that have now passed, the members of the Court of Gold lived in grand and elaborate temples, with even the least powerful of them possessing dozens of servants to perform their bidding. But in more recent times, foreigners have stripped their wealth and their power has had to become more covert. Many of the more powerful members of the court moved their havens to the spirit worlds above and below the mundane reality of the citizens, but those without the power to perform such tasks were left to move in among the newly growing towns and cities, learning to use their powers in new ways. Many have tried to keep alive the old traditions, and ensure the citizens around them follow the old festivals and continue to speak the old languages. As a result, careful observation can usually identify the neighbourhoods where members of the Court of Gold are strong. While many of the ancient temples have been lost to the jungles, recent decades have seen a few of the Courts elder members start to move back to these places of power.

Court Agenda

Intercourt Relations

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Significant Court Members


Manco Capac

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