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The members of the Ochre Court have never felt the need to be worshipped as gods. They have often been referred to in the legends of their people, and many are proud to be considered role models for the citizens (of course there are just as many who are ashamed to be remembered for foolish deeds that have led to their humiliation). It has long been a custom for the supernatural beings of the Court of Ochre to spend only a short time with a certain tribe before going walkabout through the realms of spirit and the dreamtime, then returning to join another tribe completely to share their wisdom. This tradition has kept most members of the Ochre court from getting too possessive or greedy with the citizens among whom they live.



While the Court of Ochre once made it a policy only to accept the most pureblooded Australian Aboriginals into their ranks, this has changed over the last century or so. The number of purebred Aboriginal citizens across the continent has dropped to a tiny fraction of its former number, while the number of mixed descent citizens as far greater. As a result, almost three quarters of the Half-bloods among their ranks are of mixed heritage and have often spent a great deal of their time in the towns and cities of the continent. Around a half of the supernaturals are of mixed heritage, and maybe a quarter of those who would be classed as demigods. All of the most ancient spirits still remain pure. Beyond the racial heritage it is often impossible to tell whether someone is a member of the Ochre Court, they have always worked hard to keep a low profile among the citizens with whom they live.


For millennia, the Court of Ochre remained secluded on the continent of Australia. Far from the ambitions and exploration of Europe and the so-called civilised lands, the court developed along more spiritual lines and worked hard to keep itself insulated from the technological progress of the rest of the world. The Court of Ochre considers it’s true homeland to be a realm called the Dreamtime, a spiritual plane that mystically shares space with their earthbound continent. Unlike most courts, the Ochre have never had any dreams of conquest or any desire to spread their influence in far off lands. Instead they have focused on exploring the spiritual lands beyond their dreams.

Court Culture

The Court of Ochre has little concern for the mundane world, they have always been focused on the deeper mysteries of the spirit and the elemental forces that exist beyond the realm seen by citizens. If there is an order in the universe, the Court of Ochre feels it should manifest spontaneously, rather than by applying a false idea like status or ranks. The Court of Ochre believes that its members should strive to uncover the mysteries of the universe by travelling to as many places and indulging in as many experiences as possible. Those citizens who wish to come along for the journey are embraced with open arms and are often granted the status of half-blood, or even supernatural if their wanderlust and spiritual curiosity prove strong enough.

Court Operations

When the Rainbow Serpent sought out new horizons, his children among the dragons followed him. The footsteps and slithering trails of these magnificent beasts formed the worlds of spirits and flesh as they forged their way across the globe. Not far behind them, the first travellers of the outsiders ventured forth beyond the great homeland, and with them they brought their children and their citizens. For the Court of Ochre, the path of the walkabout continues to this day; it is a voyage of discovery about the world within and the world without. While many consider the continued path of exploration to be a solitary one, there are just as many who choose to walk it in groups. Such groups will share a journey for a while, but they rarely last long. Sometimes only a few weeks as they physically travel from one location to another; sometimes they may last a few years or decades as they explore a concept or realm of knowledge. Throughout their lifetimes, members of the Court of Ochre will typically spend a small part of their life’s journey amongst many of these groups; often leaving one to join another, or to spend a period of time travelling alone among the citizens.

Common Court Powers

Given the Court of Ochre’s focus on travel, it is hardly surprising that they value powers involving movement and navigation. Even the youngest among them are taught that any power allowing a member to reach a place more quickly is very valuable, second only to those powers which access places once unreachable. Of course it doesn’t take long for a member to realise the value of some secondary ranges of powers. There is no point reaching a new destination if you are unable to survive the journey, and this makes powers of resilience and regeneration highly regarded. Similarly, there is little point travelling if you do not pick up the nuances of knowledge along the way; for this reason, powers of perception are also well regarded by the elders of the court.

Common Court Havens

The idea of a single dwelling place is the worst possible offence in the eyes of the Court of Ochre. Most members have at least three or four such places scattered so far apart that it takes a journey of days or weeks to travel between them. In addition to this it is a common belief among the members of this court that they must use different paths to travel between their homes as they cycle between them; after all, it is only by travelling to new places and in new ways that true experience can be gained. Those who gain enough power in the court have no homes at all, preferring to keep moving always. There are even some among the Court who have taken this notion to the extreme degree that they will never spend more than a night in a single location.

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