Court of the Waves


Far from the concerns of the land based courts, the beings who make up the Court of Waves have started to exist in a different mind frame. There are no tribes of underwater people to rule over, and the citizens who work as fishermen tend not to stray too far from the surface. Those who exist closest to the surface tend to retain the most contact with citizens, while those who gain more power are able to penetrate deeper into the oceans, losing mortal concerns to unlock the mysteries of the Leviathans and the deep. Many members of the court of waves have integrated themselves into pods of whales or dolphins, or have even become the rulers of shark hunting parties.



Without needing to maintain a human appearance, the members of the court of waves usually take forms that are more suited to their aquatic lifestyle. They are unafraid to display scales, fins, gills or anything that might help with their survival underwater. Their origins can be traced back to virtually all parts of the world, but seafaring cultures such as the Polynesians and Vikings remain a higher portion of the mortal bloodlines in their respective regions of the Pacific and North Atlantic. Members of the court of waves often find clothing to simply get in their way, and they rarely dress except when coming into contact with land dwellers or when enacting rituals.


While the courts of the land claim to have wide reaching influence, only the Court of the Waves has truly dominated in its environment. The Court of Waves claims the entirety of the world’s oceans and seas, and few have challenged their might in the aquatic realm. In fact it is only the rare outsider who has even tried to conquer the realms beneath the sea for the belief that there is nothing of value under the waves. Among the land dwelling Outsiders there are a number of rumours about the Court of Waves, one states that the group may actually be a collection of courts operating in each of the worlds oceans, while others state that the unity of this group may be due to ancient Leviathans holding their politics in check through monstrous power unimaginable on the surface. Regardless of the rumours, the Court of the Waves remains strongest where the ocean is deepest.

Court Culture

The flow of the waves and the tides drive the philosophies of the Court of Waves. With few citizens to worry about, the members off the court of waves have a great deal of time to study the mysteries of the cosmos, especially the darker realms and underworlds that seem to link closely to the deepest parts of the oceans. Most members of the Court of Waves consider themselves a line of defence against the darker Leviathans who occasionally stir in their fitful dreams; their merest thoughts causing tsunamis and deadly hurricanes which devastate the lands of the citizens above. Little more is known about the Court of Waves for they spend very little time associating with their land-borne cousins.

Court Operations

Those who live on land know very little about the ways of the Court of Waves, their exact numbers are unknown, but conservative estimates place their membership equal to some of the larger land based courts. Some state that with the oceans covering and area twice the size of the land surface area, there could easily be more members of the Court of Waves than the combined numbers of all courts on the land (most outsiders ignore such claims though). There seem to be quite a few orders within the Court of Waves, and traditionally the number of orders has been counted as seven (presumably to match the traditional seven seas). The traditional groups of the Court of Waves are: the Arctic Order, the Atlantic Order, the Indian Order, the North Pacific Order, the South Pacific Order, the Mediterranean Order and the Baltic Order. Each of these is said to be commanded by one of the ancient Leviathans, or some ancient being with power so vast that it is beyond most surface dwelling outsiders to even comprehend. Beneath them are great legions of warriors, fishers, artisans and scholars. Whether this is accurate at all is a matter of much conjecture.

Common Court Powers

The seas are wide, dangerous and impossible for most citizens to live in for extended periods. Naturally, the first powers to be learnt by members of this court are the abilities that will allow them to survive in this harsh environment. This may involve breathing underwater like the fishes, ability to hold breath like the aquatic mammals or transformation into other aquatic forms. Once these fundamentals are learned, the court values great diversity amongst its members. Those who can control the currents are valued as much as those who can speak to the beasts of the sea. No particular power is valued beyond any other, but the skill with which a power is wielded gains a member of the court prestige.

Common Court Havens

When it comes to places of lodgings, there are a few schools of thought among the Court of Waves, these can roughly be divided by the age of it’s members. The youngest members of the court often maintain some kind of connection to the land above; in many cases they try to find places to live that remind them of this. Such members often choose to live in shipwrecks or in secluded caves on desolate stretches of coastline. The majority of the courts members live in sprawling complexes, organically grown on the bottom of the sea, these are often grown from coral and are decorated with mystically enchanted shells and pearl. Growing such structures tends to take decades for the smallest homes and can take centuries for the largest of palaces. It is therefore only natural to assume that entire families will often live together, working as one to continually build and repair their fragile dwellings. The oldest beings have no need of dwellings, such immortals may lay claim to the largest shipwrecks of the most elaborate underwater palaces, but they often move with the tides and flow with the currents to all parts of the ocean.

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