Quincunx is a multimedia collaborative artwork.

The pages that make up Quincunx reflect an alternate reality, mirroring our own except that ancient courts of supernatural beings have manipulated the destiny of humanity for tens of thousands of years. On the surface, the reality of Quincunx is identical to our own; but those who dare to look beyond the surface of "mass media" and "spoon-fed religion" discover a magical and fantastic world where anything is possible.

It is not real, instead it is a commentary on real societies. It does not intend to be racist in it's portrayals of the world's cultures, instead it intends hopes to reveal the unique differences of the world cultures in a new context.

Some readers may find the depth of Quincunx to be insufficient in certain areas, and those readers are welcome to contribute to the collaboration.

Some readers may find certain elements of the project to be inaccurate compared to their understanding, they are welcome to add their ideas and comments to refine the concept.

Most importantly Quincunx is designed to be thought provoking and fun.

The Wiki, the Comic and the Games

This Quincunx wiki has been predominately designed as a source of inspiration for a comic book and a reservoir of information for an interactive roleplaying game. The original author hopes that other participants will help to join the project by adding information about their home towns (and developing any supernatural mythlore that might have developed near their homes), developing details about the supernatural phenomena of their experience (including creatures, places and festivals) and contributing their own experiences developed through the game.

The relationship between the Quincunx games and the wiki is symbiotic. Players of the game should try to refer to the wiki as a source of information and inspiration both before and during a game. Once a game session has concluded, it would be great if players and game masters helped to develop and expand the wiki by adding the experiences uncovered by their characters during play. Within the fiction, Quincunx begins as a corporation based in Sydney Australia, but this interactive collaboration is designed to be global.

The comic is under development and the first issues should be made available soon. Like all aspects of Quincunx, the first issues will focus on the Five, and will be written and illustrated by Michael Wenman, the founder and lead designer of the Quincunx world. Other artists and writers are welcome to develop their own short stories and comics based on the Quincunx world, and under Michael's direction, many of these stories will be become canon parts of the Quincunx world.

Adding to the Wiki

Once a person becomes an Associate Operative of Quincunx, they have the chance to add their own data into the Wiki.

Guidelines for this can be found on the Wiki interaction page.

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