For many years, the concept of | Doppelgangers or | Evil Twins were thoroughly researched by [DAPTA] the precursor organisation to the Quincunx Corporation. This was done through a combination of research into actual twins, eugenics, forms of astral projection and other paranormal phenomena.

The research proved inconclusive, generally showing the phenomenon to be less common than folklore (or daytime soap operas) would lead the average person to believe. The Quincunx Corporation has abandoned this path of active investigation but retains a detailed archive of anything that might be considered a case of co-location or body doubling.

Evil Twins

There are a number of specific historical incidents in which evil twins have occurred.

Most reported cases of Doppelgangers, according to Quincunx research, have nothing to do with personal doubles or evil twins.


The most common form of body doubling comes in the form of a pair of abilities known to be possessed by certain supernatural entities. The first of these is referred to in archives as "projection", an ability that allows a supernatural being to project their consciousness to another part of the world (typically a location well remembered, or known from images and study). Some forms of new age mysticism refer to this as "Astral Projection".


The second most common form of body doubling derives from supernatural beings who are able to mimic the shapes of others for a short period of time. Such beings may take on the form of someone else in order to perform a particular task undetected, or may deliberately undertake a task with a given appearance in order to get someone into trouble. Such mimicry may occur through illusionary tactics, memory manipulation or physical transfiguration of the flesh (with these effects indicated in ascending order of complexity and power involved).


There are a number of scientific theories involving co-location.

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