Of the five original Quincunx operatives, the most stable, enduring, and arguably the most stubborn is the operative known as Earth.

Like all of the original operatives, little is known about Earth except for her obvious personality traits, and the long dark hair that she rarely ties back, but keeps out of her eyes with a blunt cut fringe. Earth is often considered the darkest and most sombre of the original operatives, rarely dealing with other people; she seems to have a stronger connection to the machines and gadgets that she uses in her regular operations for the company. Many fans consider Earth to be the smartest of the operatives, a woman who will not take risks, but instead lets dangerous paranormal beings come to her where she fights them from the defensive, and never loses. In a most of her appearances, she remains alone (unless working with another operative), in a few episodes she has associated with engineers, medics, security guards and scholars.

Public Data

Age: Unknown, presumed in her early 30's.
Height: 175 to 180cm
Weight: 80-90 kgs (athletic build)
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown
Distinguishing Features:

Fan Favourite Episodes

Season 1 Episode 4: Earth versus the
Season 1 Episode 7: Earth versus the
Season 2 Episode 2: Earth versus the
Season 3 Episode 9: Earth versus the
Season 5 Episode 6: Earth versus the

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