fans (a guide)


Fans make Quincunx possible.

Without fans to support the operation with their enthusiasm, their time and their funds, the world as we know it would be in danger. Fans keep the television show on our screens, and the television show helps bring in the sponsorship required for maintenance of equipment, payment of wages, purchase of new technologies and other company operations.

It is said that for every operative in Quincunx, a thousand fans need to dedicate their support equivalent to a full work week. While it is very rare for a fan to truly dedicate their lives to an operative, and while some of the less known operatives may only have a couple of fans, the support base for the Quincunx television series has been phenomenal. The Five have become the subject of dedicated forums with hundreds of regular daily posters, they have become the topic of blogs and each of them would have in excess of ten thousand dedicated fans who buy their merchandise and memorabilia. Between the Five, and the other operatives who regularly appear on the screens of the Quincunx Television show, the numbers easily average out to more than 1000 per operative.

There are many operatives seen regularly on the screens of Quincunx. Some of them are public figures who don't mind sharing a bit of their time with fans, but there are others who view their job far more seriously. The most famous of the Quincunx Operatives are the Five, who appear in a couple of scenes of every episode. Most fans should be aware that actually meeting one of the FIve is a rare privilege as these operatives are very busy with their paranormal duties, and maintaining the operations of the company.

While the Quincunx Corporation is grateful to the fans for their continued support and dedication, a series of guidelines have had to be put in place due to legalities such as public liability insurance, and simply allowing the operatives to continue performing their services. This has been highlighted through a number of recent news articles regarding dedicated fans becoming caught up in events beyond their control.

The following is a guide for newcomers to the world of Quincunx. A general discussion on the types of people who follow the show, their typical demographics and some pieces of trivia that could be of interest.

Types of Fans

Age Group Aware of Show View Prime Time Show View Uncut Special Dedicated Fan
0 - 10 50% 10% 1% 3%
11 - 15 90% 45% 5% 4%
16 - 20 98% 26% 13% 5%
21 - 30 98% 24% 14% 2%
31 - 40 90% 11% 6% 1%
41 - 50 82% 6% 2% <1%
51 - 65 52% 2% 1% <1%
66 + 16% 1% <1% <1%

Casual Fans

Fanboys and Fangirls

Obsessive Fans

True Believers

Cosplayers and Mimics

Meeting Operatives

Autographs and Memorabilia

Keeping Your Distance

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