The paranormal entities known traditionally as the fey are a race that has shared our world for as long as civilization has existed. Their origins are shrouded in mystery, and their connection with legends and myth has made finding the truth an impossible task for the para-anthropologists and scientists of the Quincunx Corporation.

Trying to classify the fey has been a complex and time consuming process that has required a number of changes to the classification system used by the Quincunx Corporation. The sheer variety of beings considered members of the fey cover the gamut of elements and creatures counted among their number have been found in virtually all of the courts around the world.

The fey are considered one of the most dynamic and unstable forces among all the supernatural and paranormal beings monitored by Quincunx. At times their members have proved incredibly useful to operatives, but just as often their chaotic nature has caused a degree of disruption to the mortal world that simply had to be stopped before it got out of control.

Historical Data

Elemental Resonance: Various

Typical Traits




Commonly Encountered Powers

Appearance within the Courts

Blood Court

Chrysanthemum Court

Gold Court

Ivory Court

Jade Court

Ochre Court

Peyote Court

Rose Court

Sand Court

Sapphire Court

Wave Court

Lesser Courts

The Court of Marble
The Court of Ice
The Court of Runes
The Court of Grass
The Court of Greenstone

Infamous Rogue Fey Encountered

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