Of the five original Quincunx operatives, the most argumentative, feisty, and arguably the most dangerous is the operative known as Fire.

Like all of the original operatives, little is known about fire except for her obvious personality traits, and the long fiery red hair that she usually has tied into a know at the back of her head. A number of rumours claim that she might once have been a former Olympic athlete (many of these rumours indicate that she may have competed at the Sydney 2000 games), other rumours indicate that she may have been a police officer who left the force due to her outbursts of temper, less savoury rumours offer suggestions that she might have been instrumental in founding some of the most dangerous drug cartels in operation across the city of Sydney. In a variety of episodes, she has been seen in the presence of bikers, suspected triad members, champion bodybuilders, and martial artists.

Public Data

Age: Unknown, presumed in her early 30's.
Height: 170 to 175cm
Weight: 80-90 kgs (athletic build)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Red
Distinguishing Features:

Fan Favourite Episodes

Season 1 Episode 4: Fire versus the
Season 1 Episode 7: Fire versus the
Season 2 Episode 2: Fire versus the
Season 3 Episode 9: Fire versus the
Season 5 Episode 6: Fire versus the

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