Operatives within the Quincunx Corporation uphold a delicate balance in their lives. They face the shadowy menaces that stalk humanity, they deal with corporate sponsors, they work with researchers who have dedicated their lives to the supernatural and the occult and they avoid the paparazzi and fans who would get in the way of their jobs.

Everything has the chance to be a danger to an operative of the Quincunx Corporation, from overexposure at the hands of fanatical fans to the hidden powers of the supernatural.

While most companies and security agencies don't need protocols and procedures for dealing with the paranormal elements of the world, many do have policies for dealing with the public. Quincunx is like most companies in this regard, and its public relations policies are very strict. For every operative lost in the line of duty against the supernatural, another operative has been dismissed due to improper dealings with the public. Quincunx takes PR very seriously, its sponsorships rely on it.

Operative Responsibilities

Working as an Operative of the Quincunx Corporation is a dangerous occupation, and those who aren't careful find their lives quickly entangled in machinations that have engulfed humanity for millennia. The plots and plans of the supernatural take into account strategies, contingencies, espionage and counter-espionage. This is the world that Operatives agree to plunge into; camera operators, drivers and segment producers also accept their role on the border of the natural and supernatural worlds. But friends and family aren't always aware of the truth, and the Quincunx Corporation tries to ensure their safety at all costs.

Operatives must always have a grounding influence of normality in their lives otherwise they start to lose the connection to the mortal world they are protecting. As a result, the number one rule of Quincunx is that friends and family must be kept in the dark about the truth.

Operatives may become famous under pseudonyms, they may become rich through their sponsorships, but they may never reveal the truth, an they may never reveal the true source of their income. Most tell their families that they hold roles as security guards (which isn't entirely untrue), private investigators (which also a half-truth of sorts) or members of the army reserve.

Besides never revealing the truth, operatives have a range of other protocols that they need to obey in order to keep their public and private lives separate.

Contractual Obligations

When joining the Quincunx Corporation, an operative is handed an extensive document detailing the responsibilities they promise to uphold while they work for the company.


Company Policy regarding Fans

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