Daily operations for an operative of the Quincunx Corporation can frequently be a matter of life and death. Without a detailed set of operational protocols and a high degree of research, operatives would be inconstant jeopardy and would have little idea of the dangers they face.

Operatives must deal with dangerous creatures unknown (or disbelieved) by the general public, they have to negotiate contracts with sponsors and other agencies, and they need to ensure their fans are treated with appropriate manners and respect. The activities seen on a television screen during an episode of Quincunx are only a small part of the operations underway within the company.

Quincunx Field Manual

Guide to the Normal

The Quincunx Corporation has a mission statement to protect the masses from dangerous paranormal criminals and supernatural beings. To truly value this goal, operatives must remain a part of the mortal community. Operatives must understand exactly what it is that they are protecting before they are allowed to confront the mysteries and horrors that threaten to engulf the world. For this reason, the Quincunx Corporation has provided a manual to ensure operatives understand this concept, this is the Guide to the Normal.

Guide to the Paranormal

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