An Operative is a publicly televised employee of the Quincunx Corporation.

There are Operatives in many cities around the world. The Quincunx Corporation charges them with individual assignments to monitor, negotiate and otherwise deal with errant creatures considered by many to be mythical, legendary or otherwise imaginared. In turn, the Quincunx Corporation is notified of these arrant beings requiring attention through a group of shadowy agencies rarely mentioned except as "The Courts".

Operatives typically work alone or in small teams of up to a half dozen, each taking responsibility for a specific part of a city, or a specific group within a city. Quincunx Operatives belong to an office that oversees all supernatural and paranormal operations within a specific city on behalf of the mortal authorities. Many offices pay their Operatives from a government sponsored fund, though many more are openly televising their activities and recruiting sponsorship from major companies.

Public View

According to the general public, operatives of Quincunx are actors whop take part in a regular weekly drama. The drama is unique and presents itself as a "reality television" program in which a group of heroic people fight off against the traditional creatures of myth and legend. Most people think that the television show is like most others of it's type and has simply spawned a series of copycat programs in other parts of the world.

Many members of the public liken the drama of the Quincunx television program to the drama that unfolds while watching the professional wrestling. Arguments are constantly made about whether the televised content is "real", "staged" or "special effects". The only thing that most people can agree on is that the show drew on a number of elements present in pop culture to create a unique fusion unlike anything that came before.

Fan View

Depending on the severity of the fan, there are those who regularly watch the televised Quincunx broadcasts, there are those who watch the broadcasts and regularly frequent the computer forums (such as the forum on this site), and there are those who truly believe that everything they read about Quincunx is the truth (often choosing to dress up in cosytumes at local night spots for the chance to meet one of the operatives in the flesh).

The majority of fans fall into the first two categories.

Conspiracist View

Many conspiracy theorists have long held the belief that supernatural beings have lived among us for millenia (if not longer). Like the fans, there are theorists who believe that the show depicts true events of heroes facing against supernatural criminals called outsiders, and there are those theorists who believe that the show is an elaborate but incredibly well-crafted hoax.

The theorists who believe the show is real are often hard to tell apart from the fans, those who believe the show is a hoax think that it is stirring ill will toward the supernatural beings of the world. Under this interpretation, the show is a self fulfilling prophecy, and the supernatural beings of the world will reveal themselves very soon in order to confront the actors masquerading as protectors of the masses.

Most conspiracists agree on two things:

  1. The supernatural is real.
  2. The supernatural will reveal themselves to all very soon.

Operative Duties and Responsibilities

For more information about Operatives and what they do, consult the Quincunx Field Manual.

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