Welcome to the Operatives section for the Quincunx Public Archive. This section is designed to give a basic outline of the prominent operatives within the company, and information for people who might be interested in joining the group as a fan, or even developing a fan site of their own.

The Five

The Five are the original operatives from Quincunx when it was first founded as a public company. You probably recognise each of the five from the television show, but there might be some information here that you didn't know.

Other Operatives of Renown

With the need to expand across the world to face a global problem of supernatural rogues and criminals, the Five aren't the only operatives of Quincunx. Other operatives of renown are the most recognised and most skilled operatives in other cities across the planet.

Operatives Guide

A copy of the Operatives Guide has been made available for the public to see what is really involved in a life of supernatural peacekeeping.

Becoming an Associate Operative

True fans of the Quincunx series may decide to become Associate Operatives, gaining discounts on Quincunx merchandise, and the ability to add their own information to the Quincunx Public Archive.

Finding a Local Quincunx Office

There are many Quincunx Offices scattered around the world. Check here to find your local office.

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