Operatives Guide


The Operatives Guide is designed to be a quick primer for associate operatives who are new to the Quincunx Corporation, or those who are interested in the company's operating procedures from an observer's perspective.

A full copy of the Operatives guide will soon be made available in the form of a downloadable PDF.

Welcome to the Operative's Guide for the Quincunx Corporation.

This Guide will provide any new operatives or associate operatives with the details necessary to start in the role of monitoring supernatural and paranormal activity within a city. It is the aim of this guide to give information where possible, or indicate where to perform additional research if the information is too detailed for a simple primer text.

The Quincunx Operative's Guide is a living document, constantly undergoing updates, revision and clarification to ensure that it remains an operatives first choice for information on the paranormal.

Part 1: Company Procedures

The section contains all the relevant data on internal procedures for the Quincunx Corporation.

Part 2: Typical Operations

This section contains all the information for an operative when dealing with the regular paranormal activities of Quincunx, most notably including the various courts into which supernatural beings have gathered since the beginning of recorded history, and the classification scheme used by Quincunx to identify specific types of supernatural being.

Part 3: Atypical Operations

This section contains all the necessary information for an operative when dealing with reality deviants such as rogues, orphans and aliens.

Part 4: Crisis

This section is a quick guide on dealing with the everyday phenomenon of apocalypse.

Part 5: Dealing with the Public

This section covers details that could become necessary for an operative when it comes to fans, dealing with the police, or government authorities. There is also a brief guide on requisitioning the APC and dealing with sponsors.

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