Operatives Of Renown


The Quincunx Corporation has operatives in all parts of the world. Some of these operatives work in the public eye as a part of the Quincunx television show, but many others work in more shadowy roles, or undertake assignments that lead them to parts of the world where television transmission is not possible.

It should be noted, that just because an operative has a high profile or is well known among the public, they aren't necessarily considered a high calibre operative. Similarly, some of the best operatives working for Quincunx may only be known in the public by a code-name, many are all but unknown in the eyes of the masses. Operatives of renown may be those who have developed a distinctive public persona, or they may be individuals who have cultivated their skills and knowledge to incredible levels. Only the luckiest of operatives manage to do both.

Due to the recent expansions across the globe, the vast majority of operatives within the ranks of the Quincunx Corporation are supernatural hunters who have dealt with the paranormal for many years before being approached by the company. Many members have developed a reputation within secretive government agencies is different parts of the world, but only those operatives who have performed notable deeds within Quincunx are noted here. Operatives known from other agencies can be found in the datasource section about allied agents.

Public Faced Operatives

Mr Atom

Ben Chapel

Lucian Polanski

Erica Sanders

Specialist Operatives


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