Serum is an operative's best friend.

The publicly broadcast television programs rarely mention Serum, this may have been done for the purposes of downplaying the role that it has in an operative's life, and the imagery associated with the product.

The exact nature of Serum is a closely guarded secret, but is said to be a blend of neurochemicals, steroids and other drugs from a variety of sources. Some freely available, others restricted by prescription or legality, while others are simply so rare that they need to be specifically imported or synthesized as closely as possible.

Serum is a chemical concoction of amphetamines, steroids, hallucinogens, and other neurochemicals derived from botanical and zoological sources. These chemicals are held in a liquid suspension bearing striking resemblances to mammalian plasma, it has be hypothesized that there may be other alternatives to the plasma suspension such as a powdered form said to be used by similar agencies in Japan and Korea. Quincunx researchers have put little time into developing alternate forms of the drug; in its plasma suspended form, Serum takes effect within minutes of being injected into the bloodstream, while other forms of the concoction would take longer for the recipient to undergo the neurological and physiological changes induced by the drug.

Those who have delved into the details of Serum believe that it is specifically designed to change the physiology of it's recipient, bringing the users closer to the creatures they hunt. Rumours about this claim that serum incorporates a variety of hallucinogens for their abilities to alter sensory perceptions, perhaps opening the users eyes to spiritual realms in a manner devised by ancient shamans and mystics. Another range of rumours state that certain forms of Serum incorporate muscle relaxants and analgesics to reduce the bodies inherent resistance to incoming impacts, thereby softening their blows and reducing potential damage. Contrary rumours state that there are forms of Serum that incorporate mineral hardening compounds that render bone as tough as steel.

None of the research groups associated with the agency have been willing to confirm or deny these rumours. Merely getting them to acknowledge the existence of Serum is a rarity in itself.

Serum Variants

Serum comes in four dominant forms with countless variants specifically tailored to individual users. The company is aware of two other dominant forms of the drug and these have proven successful with a small but significant percentage of operatives.

Serum Aquae (sometimes referred to as the Water Serum)
Serum Geae (sometimes referred to as the Earth Serum)
Serum Pneumae (sometimes referred to as the Air Serum)
Serum Pyrae (sometimes referred to as the Fire Serum)

Serum (sometimes referred to as the Metal Serum)
Serum Xylae (sometimes referred to as the Wood Serum)

Serum Addiction

Many fans and independent researchers into Quincunx have claimed that Serum is in fact highly addictive.

The most common support for this claim is that many of the rumoured substances used in the concoction of the drug are themselves highly addictive substances. This would be true from the psychoactive ingredients that are easily capable of producing psychological addicitions through to the harder drugs that literally cause the body to go into shock as their symptoms wear off.

There are rumours that the addiction stems from even deeper source, for some fans with a mystical and metaphysical bent believe that the combination of intoxicants actually make changes to the users soul. In their beliefs, taking the first injevtion of Serum is like making a pact with the devil, permanently marking the soul and rendering the user an outsider from the rest of humanity. These beliefs are definitely in the minority and among most groups this opinion is simply laughed off as witchcraft paranoia.

Detailed case studies for former operatives are almost impossible to find. Many operatives seem to die on the job (often in front of the cameras), while many others simply disappear. A decent percentage of operatives end up turning to work for the forces they once combated, seeing themselves as more closely linked to the supernatural community than to humanity (but this may merely be a mental imbalance brought on by too much exposure to Serum). The vast majority of operatives keep their true identities secret, prefer to use stage names whilst on the television screen, and often hiding behind layers of masks, acting skills and subterfuge. A number of theorists have claimed that their addiction to Serum may be simply an addiction to the fame brought on by association with the agency. Those few operatives who do leave Quincunx are said to be quite wealthy, but somewhat reclusive. Such operatives are said to undergo intensive therapy weening them off the serum and bringing them back into normal life (perhaps somewhat wiser and often quite a bit richer). These former operatives turn their backs on fame, agency, and Serum, in the hope that society will leave them in peace in exchange for their period defending humanity from the monsters of the night.

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