Spectral Entity


Known by the public as ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, spectres, totems, loa and numerous other names around the world, entities existing without corporeal form are typically classified under the title Spectral Entity by the Quincunx Corporation.

These presence of these beings typically signifies a high degree of parapsychic energy in an area, and it has been theorized that spectral entities require these high energy levels to maintain a coherent form. Without this energy, it is said that spectral entities simply fade away like memories, or like clouds of vapour.

Spectral entities rarely appear on the Quincunx Television show as their forms typically do not register on video footage, and many spectral entities possess a range of powers that interfere with electromagnetic signals.

Confirmation of the Soul?

A great deal of controversy has developed among many of the more religiously inclined viewers of the Quincunx Television program; and while the operatives and researchers of the company have tried to avoid religious connections, the question of spectral entities has certainly raised some deep questions.

There are a number of camps with differing opinions regarding the presence of Spectral entities, with the following four ideas commonly posed as theories to their existence.

  1. Spectral Entities are purely ephemeral manifestations reflecting the energy patterns around them. According to this theory, spectral entities are not related to a human soul in any way. This theory poses the assumption that there are energy forces at work in the universe that reflect the world around them. Much like the limited interaction living flesh has on electromagnetic fields, it is theorised that there are other energy patterns that attach themselves to areas of intense fluctuations in biological control chemicals. Such chemicals include hormones and the fluctuations of their intensity are typically found in areas where emotions have been intense, or have been continually preserved for a long period of time. Places such as graveyards might be suitable locations for these energy fields to draw on the chemical patterns of grief, sporting fields might generate manifestations more closely relating to the release of adrenaline, nightclubs might cause patterns associated with pheromones and sensual activities. According to this theory, any anthropomorphism of these energy fields is purely subjective and only at the whim of the observer. It is for this reason that many "ghosts" appear in different ways to different observers.
  2. Spectral Entities are living entities of an immaterial ectoplasmic form. According to this theory, spectral entities are another form of life that exists outside the continuum of matter-energy as we understand them. Such beings are not souls, but they exist in a form similar to souls.
  3. Spectral Entities are remnants of quantum observing energy fields. This theory has fluctuated over the years, with some periods seeing fanatical support, while other periods completely turn their back on the notion. According to this theory, Spectral Entities are like a form of proto-soul, existing on the edge of time and space, acting like a buffer for consensual reality. Proponents of this theory claim that when a tree falls in the forest, there will always be a spectral entity to hear it. It is also claimed through this theory, that the presence of spectral entities at the time of conception provide the nudge necessary to create new life. It is the fusion of such an entity with a biological form that develops into a fully formed consciousness within a newborn. What happens to the spectral entities once a biological form expires is a matter that divides followers of this belief. Many researchers of buddhists, hindus and other reincarmationist belief patterns tend to follow this explanation of spectral entities.
  4. Spectral Entities are fragments of physically unmeasured consciousness energy.

Historical Data

Spectral Entities are also linked closely to the constructed beings referred to as golems.

Elemental Resonance: Various

The Quincunx files relating to spectral entities predominantly link them to the elements of Air and Metal.

The air resonance is tied to the ephemeral and translucent nature of most spectral entities and their reputed abilities to move through walls and other physically sound structures.

The metal resonance is tied to the notion that many spectral entities seem related to the energies of death and decay. A number of theories claim that this is because spectral entities are in fact souls inhabiting the same nether region from which the elemental energies of "Metal" derive.

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