While the government founded the organisation which would eventually become Quincunx, the sponsors are the lifeblood that keeps it alive today.

Over the course of it's existence as a private organisation, Quincunx as developed strong relations with a number of companies, associations and even a few private benefactors. Such sponsors provide the company with funds, equipment, services and information in exchange for advertising, or occasional favours.

Sponsor Methodology

Every sponsor is different, and each has a different motivation for offering fund to Quincunx. Many sponsors simply offer their benefits in exchange for a mention of their company name or products on the most widely watched television show in the country. Some offer their technologies or services for the chance to have their company's products tested in a high stress environment with immediate feedback. Some rare sponsors are rumoured to have darker agendas, perhaps applying their methodologies into the populace through subliminal product placement or offering their services as a bounty in an exchange for eliminating business rivals.

The Quincunx Corporation isn't naive enough to believe that their sponsors are completely innocent, but they do ensure that any sponsor motivations are balanced against the big picture.

Types of Sponsorship

There are many companies who see a benefit to allying themselves with the Quincunx Corporation. They come from all sectors of the economy, and provide all manner of products and services. In all, the Sydney office of Quincunx has developed ties with over 100 businesses, and as a part of the franchise contract, all of the smaller offices must secure at least a dozen sponsors before they are allowed to identify themselves as members of Quincunx.

In many cases a sponsor generally provides their donation to the Quincunx Corporation, but some sign contracts to sponsor a specific operative.

The general types of sponsors typically associated with Quincunx include the following categories:


Quincunx has developed it's fame as a television show, and without fans it wouldn't be anywhere near as famous as it is. To maintain this position as a media spectacle, all franchise offices must secure at least one media avenue among their first dozen sponsors. Most include at least two forms of media (a local television channel and either a radio station, a newspaper or a magazine). Quincunx tends to gravitate toward media avenues responsible for tabloid sensationalism when choosing their sponsors, as these groups tend to have a stronger connection to the younger demographic (the typical fan base for Quincunx).

Tech Companies

Sceptics say that Quincunx offices require a high level of computing power to generate the special effects for the television show. True believers say that high technology and advanced computers are required to maintain an edge over the supernatural creatures they fight. Either way, all new offices gain a sponsorship package from Meteor Telecommunications and Unicorn Technology. Many also develop connections with a local computer or electrical retailer. Such connections are usually put to the test, hunting the supernatural often damages equipment and regular maintenance is required on most pieces of technology, while replacement is often needed for the more sensitive items.

Breakfast Cereals and Toys

It is a common corporate strategy to "get them while they're young", and Quincunx makes no effort to hide the fact that they follow this belief. For several years, Quincunx has used the Five to advertise breakfast cereals and has allowed their likeness to be used for action figures, toys in children's meals at fast food chains, and has even begun licensing an animated spin off for the regular television show. As a result of this, the ratings of Quincunx has only been increasing over the past few years, and soon there will be a generation of children who have never known a world without the costumed heroes defending the world from the worst supernatural criminals.

Sporting Groups

Quincunx operatives typically need to be fit and healthy if they wish to successfully defend the world, and many of them have taken a personal crusade to prevent the world from the obesity epidemic. Praising the virtues of clean living and healthy activity, they often make appearances during events at local sporting fields, or take part in races or other contests. In exchange for this, the sporting groups allow operatives to use their gymnasiums and other equipment free of charge when the need should arise.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Corporal Motors functions as one of the primary sponsors of Quincunx, helping to develop vehicles for the operatives, and lending support staff who keep all of the company's transport operating at peak performance levels. Corporal Motors mainly produces utility and light commercial vehicles, for this reason many individual operatives seek sponsorship with specific local dealers or manufacturers to acquire motorcycles, sports cars or more exotic forms of transport.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Gaining a sponsor allows an operative a series of benefits that most people simply don't have access to. Most operatives receive enough money from Quincunx to pay the bills on modest accommodation and a comfortable lifestyle, but most operatives like to have layers of privacy that most people simply can't afford. After all, Quincunx operatives have powers that most people can only dream of, and if their true identities were known, they'd often be mobbed or constantly asked to fulfil mundane requests rather than keeping the world safe from the true dangers. This added level of privacy and security costs money.

Additional expenses include the gadgets that certain operatives use, the medical expenses incurred after major conflicts with the supernatural, and the money required by the company to keep things quiet in regard to speeding tickets and civil disturbance call outs.

Some operatives hire assistants, and use money from their sponsors to take care of these details while they focus on the more intense activities. Other operatives link directly to sponsors able to provide the services they need, perhaps calling on a well known chain of auto-repair shops to keep their vehicle in order, appearing on advertisements for a particular restaurant in exchange for free meals, or speaking out in favour of a high class hotel in exchange for a premium suite of accommodation.

Most operatives aren't above selling out in exchange for a few benefits here and there. Company policy is simply to look the other way as long as the Quincunx name isn't endangered.

Drawbacks of Sponsorship

Every sponsorship has it's price; all sponsors require something from the agents with whom they share their services.

When a sponsorship has been secured through an office, the operatives associated with the office are usually expected to perform occasional civic duties in exchange for the products or services rendered. This might involve an appearance signing autographs at a convention, or perhaps putting on some kind of show for a corporate event. Such tasks can be required fairly often but there are usually enough operatives to share these responsibilities, the office's sponsors only occasionally become a burden.

When an operative chooses to develop their own sponsors things can get trickier. Such sponsors often require an operative to sign exclusivity agreements, or may require an operative to act in accordance with a set of moral guidelines aligning with the company's public values. A particular food supplier may actually be owned by a religious group and any operatives sponsored by the food supplier would be banned from making negative comments about the religion, if they wanted to improve their relationship with the food supplier they might have to publicly reveal themselves as a part of the religion or convert to it.

Many operatives have found that as they develop more sponsorships, their associated requirements start to come into conflict. Such operatives must choose which of their sponsors to keep and may be forced to break contract (resulting in lengthy and expensive legal action). Careful operatives read their sponsorship contracts, and ensure conflict do not arise before signing with a new sponsor.

Prominent Sponsors

aerochem_sml.jpg Aerochem - Few people know the name Aerochem, but many of their products are household names; from the insect repellent "Mozzieguard", to one of the most commonly used glues "Samson's Grip". The company is one of the largest producers of household chemicals in Oceania, but values it's privacy and ensures to advertise under it's more commonly known trademarks.
bw_sml.jpg Breakfast Wishes - One of the best selling breakfast cereals during the 1980's, Wishes are small bite sized chunks of fruit and muesli that have changed their recipe numerous times in the attempt to regain market share. Only through recent advertisements have wishes gradually started to reclaim their place in the breakfast cereal market.
cm_sml.jpg Corporal Motors - A local subsidiary of a global vehicle manufacturer, CM has been building cars and light trucks in Australia for over thirty years. Vehicles produced by Corporal Motors are not known for speed or sleek appearances, but they are known for power and the toughness to survive in the outback.
duchess_sml.jpg Duchess Bank - Duchess is a private bank only allowing investors with accounts over $10,000. Despite this restriction, the bank has steadily been growing a client base due to their lack of bank fees and absorption of most government fees and taxes.
Inari_sml.jpg Inari Courier Service - ICS has a fleet of over 1000 vans scattered between Melbourne and Cairns and regular bookings on flights between all major towns and cities on the eastern seaboard. The company prides itself on being able to get any package to any city within its coverage range in a period of under 24 hours.
m_sml.jpg Meteor Telecommunications - Meteor specialises in mobile internet technologies and wireless security measures, especially focusing on wide ranging mobile corporate intranets. Meteor have started a dedicated program to roll out a city-wide wi-fi hotspot across all major metropolitan centres in the country.
mv_sml.jpg Mountain Voice - Most thought it strange that a group of churches would start advertising during the Quincunx television show, especially given its strong supernatural themes. Numerous theories have suggested that one of the operatives may be a member of the church; others suggest that they see the destruction of supernatural beings as the vengeace of God against demons.
oig_sml.jpg Oliver, Imahara and Goldman - While they aren't one of the most well known legal firms in the country, OIG have cornered the market in Pet related law. After winning a major case regarding the rights of companion animals, OIG have received some notoriety in the legal field.
scl_sml.jpg South Coast Leagues Club - A sporting club fostering teams who play a range of sports from soccer and rugby through to athletics and swimming. The leagues club has a share in a network of fitness centres and gymnasiums throughout New South Wales.
sri_sml.jpg Southern Research Institute - SRI are a medical research institute focusing on prosthetics, titanium alloy bone implants and sensory replacement technologies. A number of recent controversies regarding their testing procedures have led them to an aggressive advertising campaign and new open door policy.
U5_sml.jpg Uncle Five's Chinese to Go - Despite the high number of burger and pizza fast food franchises, Vietnamese entrepreneur XXX decided to launch a chain of fast food restaurants focusing on South-east Asian cuisine. After the first few stores appeared around the city and the catchy jingle hitting the TV screens, many existing chinese restaurants consider Uncle Fives to be the next big franchise opportunity and have started joining up.
unicorn_sml.jpg Unicorn Technology - One of the first international sponsors of Quincunx, UT is based out of Taiwan and have been looking to break into the Australian market with budget computer equipment and touch-screen technologies. UT has made strong connectiosn with a number of other sponsors to develop a range of Quincunx branded MP3 players and entertainment products.
vhc_sml.jpg Victory Health Care - A recently incorporated private health care fund, VHC has made an aggressive move to gain market share in this lucrative sector. The fund has developed a reputation as one of the cheapest health care options available, especially among low income earners.
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