supernatural activity


Around the globe there are a number of hotspots for activity where Quincunx Operatives face off against supernatural criminals and paranormal fugitives. While many of these locations do not draw the attention of the Quincunx television show, the accompanying map shows many of the places where encounters have been televised.



Note: This map is actually a live generated feed indicating the number of people access the website from around the world based on their IP address. There is probably a great deal of supernatural activity in other parts of the world, and introducing this into a game or story is at any group's (or author's) discretion. I'm happy at this point that there is quite a decent scattering of hotspots across the world, including plenty across Australia, North America and Europe, with a scattering across the rest of the world. Based on these I'll start filling out more details regarding the respective parts of the world shortly. If you want your home to be a Quincunx hotspot for supernatural activity keep coming back to this page often.To see how it works, click here.

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