Sydney Office


The first established office of the Quincunx Corporation was established in Sydney Australia in the year 1997. For many years it conducted it's operatives in private, under a reserve of funds and the donations of sponsors who remain anonymous. The specific location of the office remains shrouded in secrecy, though public branches and stores have opened in many of the city's suburbs, as well as spreading across the state of New South Wales, and the nation of Australia.

From what fans have been able to ascertain, the office is located somewhere in the inner western suburbs of the city, perhaps in the suburbs of Ultimo, Glebe, Camperdown or Newtown. The building would be nondescript, and is presumably located very close to one of the main sewer network lines. Possibly in one of the areas few industrialised areas.

A process of deduction has offered a half dozen potential locations for the main office, with several building owners cashing in on the notoriety of their potential tenants. Specific details have never been confirmed, and it is said by some that the rumoured office locations has been falsely planted by Quincunx to deter the possibility of counterstrike against their offices by enemy operatives or their supernatural opponents.

Known Facts

* A number of Television scenes have shown the Sydney office complex of Quincunx to have an extensive elevator system.
* Many of the scenes shot in the Sydney office show no windows, instead making heavy use of indoor lighting.
* Only two or three private offices seem to have windows onto the outside world, or at least windows onto a garden area. There are numerous rumours about whether these windows actually reach the outside world or if they merely face onto an internal courtyard.
* Through careful observation of the show, fans have deduced that there must be at least 100 people working within the Sydney office.
* The complex has a street facing that shows a double garage. A long ramp ascends to this double garage door from a huge automotive workshop storing at least four small trucks painted in the colours of local council groups, as well as a variety of unmarked cars and vans, Quincunx promotional vehicles and the company's armoured personnell carrier.
* The complex has private quarters for at least a dozen operatives, though only five active operatives are known at one time.


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