The Quincunx Corporation has a single Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) which is typically reserved for use one of two capacities. The purpose for which it was originally designed is to extract operatives from situations that have become too dangerous for continued operations, the secondary purpose is to function as a promotional vehicle for convention appearances, advertisement spots and a platform for sponsorship.

While the functionality of the vehicle was designed to fulfil the first task, the second sees much more of the APCs use. In recent years, the vehicle has become too noticeable on the streets for covert surveillance or low-profile operations (except at the quietest hours of the night and very early morning).

Due to the dangerous circumstances into which the APC is often assigned, it is frequently damaged and requires a constant maintenance crew (said to contain between four and ten full time employees, though only three have been known to make appearances on the television show). On at least two occasions, the APC has been so severely damaged that the vehicle has simply been scrapped and a new one built to replace it.

Current Incarnation

The current incarnation of the Quincunx APC has obviously been modelled off the vehicles seen in a number of science fiction movies. It is an angular vehicle clad in dark metallic plating with a number of prominent pieces of airbrushed artwork and key sponsorship logos. In general, many have noted a resemblance to the paramilitary vehicles depicted in recent "super hero" movies.




Previous Incarnations

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