The Courts


Through dealings with the supernatural, the Quincunx Corporation has identified a number of ancient supernatural organisations. These groups refer to themselves collectively as the Courts, and each has traditionally held dominance over a specific geographical region or cultural group.

The various courts have ages that range from a few centuries of age, through to the most ancient groups which seem to have a history predating the recorded history of humanity. Some of the most ancient courts claim lineages stretching back to the earliest evolution of humanity, or claim that their members were instrumental in founding the universe itself.

Established History of the Courts

Greater and Lesser Courts

Cults and Circles

Specific Courts

The Court of Ivory

The Court of Ochre

The Court of Sapphire

The Court of Jade

The Court of Sand

The Court of the Rose

The Court of the Chrysanthemum

The Court of Peyote

The Court of Gold

The Court of Blood

The Court of the Waves


The Court of Marble

The Court of Ice

The Court of Runes

The Court of Grass

The Court of Greenstone

The Court of Coral

The Court of Aether

The Court of Lightning

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