The Five


The name Quincunx derives from the five primary Sydney field operatives who performed the duties of the R.A.P.D.A when the organisation was disbanded by the Australian government under the Howard administration. Beyond these five agents, there was a network of desk agents, and support staff. But it was the five who maintained the peace from the front lines; and it was this group of five agents who inspired the first pilot episode of the television show.

Since the launch and the syndication of the television show, the Five have become household names across Australia, and their fame has started to spread across the world. Each member of the five has a dedicated group of fans, proud sponsors and a range of commitments and influence that reach across all levels of society.

The actual identities of the five have remained a carefully guarded secret throughout the decade in which Quincunx has been a public company. Only their screen personae are truly known, but with the invasive nature of "reality television" it can often be hard to tell where a screen persona ends and the real identity begins.

Then again, there are those who think that the entire show is made up. Perhaps there are layers of acting based on layers of falsehood, based on layers of advertising spin and public relations. No one will ever truly know; it's this intrigue that keeps debate about Quincunx alive and keep the fans motivated.


Air is arguably the most popular of the five, and certainly one of the more fashionable members of the group. She is known for her speed, agility and her abilities to persuade others (whether through her words or her beauty). Air has a higher number of fans than most of the other members of the five, but few of these fans are truly fanatical.

Known Powers:

  • Flight
  • Persuasion
  • Sensory Illusions


Earth is known for her strength and resilience, she is also shown with advanced equipment and technical knowledge in many episodes. After a number of unsavoury missions, Earth has become one of the Five's least favoured members. Despite this, her fans are the most stalwart and loyal.

Known Powers:

  • Armoured Skin
  • Heightened Strength
  • Mechanical Genius


Fire is dangerous and volatile, this applies to both the ancient element and the operative who shares its name. Prone to berserk rampages and destruction, Fire is typically sent on missions where collateral damage isn't an issue. Given her passionate nature, it's hardly surprising that Fire inspires some of the most fanatical fans of all the Quincunx.

Known Powers:

  • Devastating Punches/Kicks
  • Incite Emotions
  • Ignite Flames


Water tends to be quiet and introverted, graceful and elegant; she is a master of strategy and careful planning, preferring her calculated and immaculately executed actions to speak for her. Water has never had the highest number of fans, nor the most dedicated or passionate, but they have always been a cyclical phenomena coming and going as needed.

Known Powers:

  • Breathe Underwater
  • Shapeshifting
  • Absolute Knowledge


Void is the most mysterious of the operatives. For a number of seasons, he was never seen on screen, only heard as a heavily accented voice directing the other operatives toward their agendas. Many have claimed that Void has no powers on his own, but instead he automatically gains abilities based on the operatives he is working with. The personal nature of Void has been shown even less than the other operatives and he has the fewest dedicated fans of all the agents.

Known Powers:

  • None of his own.
  • Symbiotically gained when with others.

Co-operative Missions

Most missions conducted by Quincunx involve two or more of the operatives joining forces on a case, though tensions have arisen during any mission where Air and Earth have been required to work together, and the same applies for times when Fire and Water have been assigned to a common task. In missions where only one of the five is available, a less well known operative might be called on to provide their unique services.

The Quincunx Corporation is usually dealing with more problems than it has operatives available in any city where it is located, for this reason it is incredibly rare to see more then three operatives participating in a single operation. The resources of the company are too valuable to hoard on a single task when numerous other issues could just as easily blow out of proportion…bringing the world to the brink of Armageddon again.

Meeting the Five

Public relations keeps the Quincunx Corporation funded. The money required to keep the streets safe from dangerous paranormal activities is huge. Money is provided from limited government funding, extensive sponsorships, Quincunx merchandise sales, and public appearances at conventions and corporate functions.

To organise a public appearance, contact the administrator of this site for details. Note that many occasions will prove unsuitable for public appearances, and requests for specific members of the five will incur a premium due to availability, and current operational requirements.

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