The only male member of the five original Quincunx operatives; besides the fact that he is male very little is known about void except that he has a Russian (or perhaps Ukrainian) accent. Even more so than Water, Void seems to change based on his circumstances.

Like all of the original operatives, little is known about Void. Not even his personality traits are obvious because he seems to feed off the emotions around him, reflecting them with a counterpoint. When void is with Air he seems to be withdrawn and sullen, yet when he is with earth his attitude is far friendly and light. Similarly, when with water he tends to be more impetuous and impulsive, while with fire he takes a more calculating and tactical path. The one constant with void is that he never seems to leave the offices of the Quincunx Corporation. This has lead a number of fans to believe that void is merely a hologram, a ghost or perhaps an artificial intelligence; such rumours claim that he embodies his elemental name even more than the other original operatives.

Also, unlike the other operatives, Void does not wear a mask. Instead he wears a distinctive set of red tinted sunglasses that mostly obscure his eyes. In certain scenes it has been pointed out that Void's eyes glow or reflect the light like a cats.

Public Data

Age: Unknown, presumed in his mid 40's or older.
Height: 170 to 175cm
Weight: Unknown
Eye Colour: Reflective silver.
Hair Colour: Bald
Distinguishing Features:

Fan Favourite Episodes

Season 1 Episode 1: Gathering of the Five
Season 1 Episode 5: Void versus the
Season 4 Episode 3: Void versus the
Season 4 Episode 10: Void versus the
Season 5 Episode 3: Void versus the


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