Of the five original Quincunx operatives, the most calm, thoughtful, and meditative is the operative known as Water.

Like all of the original operatives, little is known about Water except for her obvious personality traits, and the short blue hair that has inspired hundreds of girls across the city to have their hair cut in a similar style. Unlike some of the operatives, there appear to have been at least two different individuals to wear the costume of water. Sudden changes in voice, colouring of hair and even subtle differences in movement have been detected by a number of fans. These changes have been noted early in season 3 and later in season 6. Quincunx is unwilling to verify whether more than one operative has worn the water costume; if there have been different operatives in the costume they have all maintained a similar attitude. Throughout the course of the show, Water has commonly associated with agents of the law, priests of various denominations and scientists.

Public Data

Age: Unknown, presumed in her late 20's.
Height: 165 to 170cm
Weight: 70-80 kgs (athletic build)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blue, cut short.
Distinguishing Features:

Fan Favourite Episodes

Season 1 Episode 5: Water versus the
Season 2 Episode 10: Water versus the
Season 3 Episode 12: Water versus the
Season 4 Episode 2: Water versus the
Season 4 Episode 6: Water versus the

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