When dealing with beings commonly referred to as supernatural or alien, the Quincunx Corporation has noted a peculiar pattern in many cases. It appears that many of the more exotic beings bear features that can be exploited by a careful operative, some refer to these as deficiencies, others call them anomalies, but among most operatives they are simply referred to as weaknesses.

Many of these weaknesses are commonly known in folklore and legend, such as a vampire's aversion to garlic, or a werewolves ability to be rapidly dispatched through silver weaponry. While folklore may give a good starting point for an operative dealing with this type of entity, it certainly isn't a guaranteed method for uncovering a weakness. Some vampires may have the garlic aversion, but others don't. There seems to be a correlation between genetic lineage, or strains of infection, and the specific weaknesses likely to be possessed by any particular group of supernatural beings.

Situational Weaknesses

Psychological Weaknesses

Metabolic Weaknesses

Physiological Weaknesses

Metaphysical Weaknesses

Genetic Weaknesses

Common Weaknesses

Uncommon Weaknesses

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